The creation of a new performance by Siobhan Davies Dance has triggered a process of selecting works from the Whitworth’s Collection. ROTOR is a newly choreographed dance work which has inspired contemporary commissions from poets, writers and artists. I am currently also responding to the work by selecting objects from the Whitworth’s collection which will draw on themes from the dance such as disorder, power struggle, repetition and circularity. This is a great opportunity to bring together works which will hopefully create dialogue between static objects and live performance. It makes a refreshing change to respond to a new piece rather than have somebody use the collection to inspire a contemporary commission. Looking forward to seeing the dance in Siobhan’s studio next week which should stir up plenty of inspiration for further choices!

Performances and contemporary responses will run at the gallery from 28 Jan – 6 Feb 2011 with the collection display running until March. Keep an eye on the Whitworth’s website for further details.